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Jul 04th
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Fung Bros on Chiu Chow Identity

Have you checked out the video by the Fung Bros yet? Fellow Gaginang Olivia Thai (uber talented musicial who performed at our 2007 c...

12th Annual GGN Thanksgiving!

12th Annual GGN Thanksgiving!


Going back to Swatow, back to remembering who we are, back to where w...

Cooking Terms

Jeu2 煮 A generic term for cooking; to cook. PTH chu2 廚 [厨] zuo4 fan4 做飯 and...

Latest Message: 3 weeks, 5 days ago
  • Sharleen : Hi everyone, I'm a new member from Jakarta-Indonesia. Glad to find a group of Tiochiu nang here ^^
  • Johan Lim : Hey everyone, greetings from Singapore. Both my parents are 100% teochew and I just wanna say hi to all gaginangs. Glad to see a platform like that for all Teochew-nang to connect.
  • Edward 鄭 : Oh wow it's been a while since I've been here! FungBros and Olivia brought me back here after what feels like a decade or so!
  • Cai Chen : Came from the FungBros video!
  • Jane : Hey guys :) Just arrived after seeing the Fung Bros video, another Melbournian here!
  • Philip Luc : Hello peeps! im a new member from Australia -Melbourne! feel free to talk to me =D
  • Kevin Ding : Hi, I was wondering if there is any upcoming events in San Francisco or around the Bay Area? Thanks!
  • Daniel Jiang : Hello! Greetings from Medan, a city in Indonesia with mostly hokkian people and of course gaginang here :D
  • Hillgan : Hello! New member here!
  • Michael Yeo : Hello Gaginang. Who would had thought I find a group of Teo Chew Nang here
  • Mui Mui : Hello Gaginang community! I just joined this organization after watching the Diojiu's Identity video. Great idea! Anyone know of a community in Florida?
  • jeekheang : top link is correct like or this «link»
  • jeekheang : «link»
  • jeekheang : «link»
  • jeekheang : FungBroComedy talks about Diojiu's identity.
  • pitsri masun : Today's word tai3 gek8 kung5 means Tai-chi.
  • Pei : «link»
  • Pei : If you would like to know more about the society, please click on the following link:
  • Pei : My name is Pei, and I'm here on behalf of GaginangUNSW, the Teochew Student Association at the University of New South Wales!
  • Pei : Hello Gaginangs!

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